Cyber Civil Defense Summit


The Cyber Civil Defense Summit is a one-of-a-kind gathering of cyber defenders, academics, and policymakers with the mission of protecting our most at-risk public infrastructure.

Defending public life against cyber threats is a national challenge with profoundly local impacts. With low-level cyber attacks like ransomware consistently on the rise, the task of strengthening the defenses of community organizations in every corner of the nation seems impossible to take on.

But no one is alone in this challenge of scaling local and regional cyber defense; across the country, communities are rising up to protect the institutions that uphold public life. The Summit endeavors to join forces across defenders, academics, volunteers, and public servants to showcase replicable models of regional cyber defense.

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Cyber Civil Defense Summit 2024

The Cyber Civil Defense Summit returns this June 13, 2024!

Join us at The International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. for the second annual Cyber Civil Defense Summit. The theme of this year’s Summit is Data-Driven Resilience. Our exclusive panels will spotlight empirical research on topics in public interest cybersecurity and explore evidence-informed strategies to bolster the cyber resilience of civic organizations too often left behind in cybersecurity.

Cyber Civil Defense Summit 2023

The CLTC Public Interest Cybersecurity Program hosted the inaugural Cyber Civil Defense Summit in June 2023 and brought together cyber defenders from all sectors in this common mission.

The 2023 Summit showcased and analyzed creative programs aimed at helping community organizations, including providing proactive services to bolster resilience and reactive services to enhance incident response and recovery. The Summit is generously supported by Craig Newmark Philanthropies.