CLTC Programs

The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity comprises diverse programs that help advance our mission of helping individuals and organizations address tomorrow’s information security challenges to amplify the upside of the digital revolution. Click through for more information about the programs listed below.

CLTC Grant Program

CLTC provides funding to UC Berkeley-affiliated researchers working on a diverse range of security issues, with an emphasis on four priority areas: machine learning and artificial intelligence, building the cyber-talent pipeline, improving cybersecurity governance, and protecting vulnerable online populations. Learn more about our grantees.

Citizen Clinic

The Citizen Clinic is a public-interest cybersecurity clinic that supports the capacity of politically vulnerable organizations to defend themselves against online threats. Building off our research on the ecosystem providing technical assistance to civil society, the clinic supports interdisciplinary teams of students to assess threats to targeted organizations, recommend risk-appropriate mitigations, and to work collaboratively with clients to implement new policies and technical controls that enhance their cybersecurity. Learn more about Citizen Clinic.

Cybersecurity Futures 2025

Unprecedented cybersecurity challenges loom just beyond the horizon. Yet today’s operational security agenda is too narrow in scope to address the wide range of issues likely to emerge in the coming years. Cybersecurity Futures 2025 is a global initiative that aims to shape a forward-looking research and policy agenda that is intellectually and practically robust—and broadly applicable across countries and regions. Learn more about Cybersecurity Futures 2025.

Daylight Security Research Lab

Cybersecurity is challenging in part because it is difficult to understand. The Daylight Security Research Lab is working to shift the culture and dialogue around cybersecurity by transforming how people understand and identify the risks of digital technology. The DSRL generate new tools, practices, and representations to make the term “security” more specific and actionable for those who need it. Learn more about the Daylight Security Research Lab.