Public Interest Cybersecurity

The Citizen Clinic is a public-interest cybersecurity clinic at UC Berkeley. It supports the capacity of politically-vulnerable organizations to defend themselves against online threats. Building off our recent research on the ecosystem providing technical assistance to civil society, the clinic supports interdisciplinary teams of students to assess threats to targeted organizations, recommend risk-appropriate mitigations, and to work collaboratively with clients to implement new policies and technical controls that enhance their cybersecurity. Download a PDF overview of Citizen Clinic.

Citizen Clinic Cybersecurity Education Center

Citizen Clinic has officially launched the Citizen Clinic Cybersecurity Education Center, a GitHub site designed to share the Clinic’s pioneering cybersecurity resources for civil society organizations, and to help other academic institutions that may be interested in establishing their own cybersecurity clinics. The site includes past and current Citizen Clinic curricula, reading lists, and syllabi, as well as a link to our Baseline Organizational Security Guide.

Prospective Students

Click here for the Spring 2021 student application.

Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis until the first week of class. Please apply before attempting to enroll – all students who enroll will be waitlisted until their application is approved. More information on the course can be found here.

Partner With Us!

Are you part of a civil society organization looking for security support? Do you belong to an academic program wanting to incorporate public interest cybersecurity work? Do you work for a foundation looking to improve the security of your grantees? While Citizen Clinic supports a small number of organizations each semester, we would like to discuss your needs. Submit an interest form and we will follow up as soon as possible.


Steve Trush

Interim Director

Advisory Board

Ron Deibert
Director, The Citizen Lab
Eva Galperin
Director of Cybersecurity, EFF
Lobsang Gyatso Sither
Digital Security Program Director, Tibet Action Institute
Matt Mitchell
Director of Digital Safety & Privacy, Tactical Technology Collective
Eleni Gessiou
Security Engineering Manager, Facebook