CLTC Seminar: “Digital Switzerlands” with Kristen Eichensehr

Room 205, South Hall South Hall, Berkeley, CA

U.S. technology companies are increasingly standing as competing power centers, challenging the primacy of governments. This power brings with it the capacity to bolster or undermine governmental authority, and also increasing public demands for the companies to protect users from governments. The companies’ power raises serious questions about how to...

Cybersecurity Futures 2025 at RSA Conference

Moscone Center, San Francisco 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA

Drawing upon the Cybersecurity Futures 2025 initiative, Steve Weber, Faculty Director of CLTC, and Dawn Thomas, Associate Director of CNA's Institute for Public Research, this session of the…

Citizen Clinic Fall 2019 Info Session

Hearst Field Annex Building B 2545-2581 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA

Have you heard about how UC Berkeley students are helping to defend civil society organizations from cyberattacks, disinformation, and online abuse? Examples of student projects include: Protecting the…

Scaling Cybersecurity Support for Civil Society

Room 107, South Hall South Hall Rd, Berkeley, CA

The internet’s promise as an open platform for free expression and assembly has come under increasing threat as governments, hate groups, terrorists, and multinational corporations have deployed sophisticated…

Cybersecurity 2024

Crocker Museum 216 O St., Sacramento, CA

To be held in Sacramento, this event is presented as part of Discover Cal, a traveling lecture series that brings UC Berkeley’s distinguished faculty to the extended Cal family for compelling lectures in an informal setting. Join Steven Weber, director of UC Berkeley’s  Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity and a professor in the School of Information, and Amit Elazari, director of global cybersecurity at Intel and lecturer at Berkeley’s School of Information, for a timely and provocative exploration of human interaction with computers and technology, and a forecast of cybersecurity in 2024 to illuminate what’s at stake today.

$25 – $40