Security Wire — Scenarios for the COVID-19 Future: Digital Security Implications

We invite you to join CLTC for our quarterly, invitation-only Security Wire conference call for corporate members. These calls focus on emerging cybersecurity topics that are relevant to our industry partners. 

This quarter’s Security Wire will take place on June 30, 2020 at 10:00am PST. Our guest, CEO and President of Breakwater Strategy (BWS), Arik Ben-Zvi and CLTC Faculty Director Steven Weber will facilitate a discussion on Scenarios for the COVID-19 Future: Digital Security Implications (details below). 

Please RSVP to Matthew Nagamine at at your earliest convenience and we will share a calendar event. 


CLTC Security Wire: Scenarios for the COVID-19 Future: Digital Security Implications

Scenario Thinking is a time-tested strategy tool for strategic planning in the face of uncertainty. Arik Ben-Zvi and Professor Steven Weber have developed a Scenario Thinking exercise that describes plausible narratives about where America might be a year from now, focusing on how the presidential election will shape the landscape for the technology industry and the security environment. The findings are intended to help decision makers grapple with what might lie ahead so that they can drive the necessary planning processes within their business strategies.

In this call, Ben-Zvi and Weber will briefly present on the scenario thinking exercise that they have developed and will discuss specific digital security implications of the scenarios for businesses navigating this time of uncertainty. We will leave 30-minutes to discuss any questions that you may have; please consider in advance what questions or challenges your company is experiencing that feel most important and uncertain, and bring those to the call or share in advance with Matt Nagamine at

Arik Ben-Zvi is the President, CEO and founder of Breakwater Strategy (BWS), a strategic communications firm specializing in helping clients navigate the complex conversations of today’s turbulent environment. An experienced strategic advisor, Arik partners with client’s leadership teams and boards to solve critical business challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. That work includes developing and communicating compelling enterprise-level narratives, managing complex issues and crises, and building strong two-way relationships and coalitions with diverse stakeholders. Formerly, Arik was an Executive Managing Director and a member of the founding team at The Glover Park Group (GPG). Over the course of his nearly twenty years of professional experience, Arik has helped dozens of clients secure key business objectives, including landmark legislative and regulatory outcomes, successful navigation of potentially damaging crises, and measurable improvements to reputation among consumers, opinion leaders, investors and employees.

Steven Weber is a Professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information and Faculty Director of the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. He works at the intersection of technology markets, intellectual property regimes, and international politics. His research, teaching, and advisory work focus on the political economy of knowledge intensive industries, with special attention to health care, information technology, software, and global political economy issues relating to competitiveness. He is also a frequent contributor to scholarly and public debates on international politics and US foreign policy. One of the world’s most expert practitioners of scenario planning, Weber has worked with over a hundred companies and government organizations to develop this discipline as a strategy planning tool. His most recent book is Bloc by Bloc: How to Organize a Global Enterprise for the New Regional Order (2019) which explains how economic geography is evolving around machine learning, and the consequences for multinational organizations in the post financial crisis world.