Grant / June 2021

Gamification of Cybersecurity Education


For many years, we have heard about the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Despite there being many opportunities to study and work in the cybersecurity space, students are reluctant to pursue further studies or a career in cybersecurity. The perception of cybersecurity as a purely technical domain has put them off from getting to know more about cybersecurity. Research and experience have confirmed that gamification of technical education to make it more approachable can effectively engage students and raise awareness of and interest in cybersecurity.

In this project, we will host a community game development contest with prizes and will study the community collaboration model for educational game development. We believe that by building a community with cybersecurity mini-games, we will be able to promote and educate students about cybersecurity and also develop the cyber talent pipeline from a pre-university age.

Findings, Papers, and Presentations