Laura Georg Schaffner

Laura Georg Schaffner
Visiting Scholar


Laura Georg Schaffner has almost 20 years of experience in field of security management. Her research focuses in particular on security governance and the development of quantifiable metrics for boards of directors. Her PhD thesis analyses possible interrelationships between information security and business strategy. As a PhD candidate, she was a visiting research student at the London School of Economics. Graduating with high distinction, she worked for 8 years as global head of IT risk and security as well as managing partner for two Swiss consultancies. Working for Swiss, European, and international clients she gained experience from over 100 security-related projects.

From 2015 to 2017, she was heading the Norwegian Information Security laboratory, one of the largest European research laboratories in security. Since 2014 she works as expert for the research executive agency for the European Commission. Since 2017, she is Associate Professor in Information Systems at the Ecole de Management Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg and member of the HuManiS laboratory.

She has amongst others published articles in the Journal of Management and Governance, the Journal of Governance and Regulation, and the Journal of Leadership, Accountability, and Ethics. She has published several book chapters and presented papers at the International Conference of Information Systems, the Joint Midyear Meeting of the Accounting Information Systems Section and the Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section of the American Accounting Association, as well as the French Association of Information Management.

Since 2017, she yearly co-chairs the EIASM Workshop on Governance and Management of Digitalization and was organisational chair of the ESORICS conference 2017 in Oslo. For the International Board Foundation, she acts as partner for Governance of Cyber Security.