Ji Su Yoo


Ji Su Yoo is a PhD student at the UC Berkeley School of Information, where she investigates how message content and the identity of the messenger impact the reception of post-misinformation corrections by various social groups. She has also developed a methodology for determining the best group to deliver misinformation corrections, based on social identity and group status characteristics. 

Ji Su’s research focus also covers equitable and ethical tech frameworks, platform abuse, and  usability testing. To that end, she co-founded PlatformAbuse.org to offer consultation to identify and fix platform abuse and identify abuse vulnerabilities. This platform has received recognition from UC Berkeley’s Big Ideas Contest, Mozilla Open Lab’s Builders Incubator program, and the MVP Lab. She also co-directs the Center for Technology, Society & Policy and is part of the Algorithmic Opacity and Fairness Working Group. 

CLTC Grant Projects

  • How the message and identity of the messenger impact various social groups’ reception of misinformation corrections (2021)

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