Keywords:  Cybersecurity Education and Training, Vulnerable Populations, Privacy,


Secure Internet of Things for Senior Users

Alisa Frik, Postdoctoral Researcher, International Computer Science Institute, UC Berkeley
Serge Egelman, Research Director, International Computer Science Institute, UC Berkeley
Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan
Joyce Lee, User Experience Researcher, Atlassian

Older adults are increasingly involved in the use of emerging technologies, especially in the domain of healthcare. Examples include wearable devices for medical measurements, context-aware safety monitoring, fall sensors, and therapeutic robots. However, due to potentially limited technological literacy and high probability of physical or mental impairments, older adults are particularly vulnerable to the cybersecurity risks posed by these devices. This research aims at better understanding of the privacy and security attitudes of the geriatric population with respect to emerging healthcare technologies, and designing an effective system that will empower informed decisions, better control over personal data, and improved security for these users.