Keywords:  Cybersecurity Education and Training, Vulnerable Populations,


Responding to Emerging Protection Threats in Cyberspace

Alexa Koenig, Executive Director, Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley
Joseph Guay, Director of Research, The Do No Harm Digital Initiative
Lisa Rudnick, Principal| Founding Partner, The Policy Lab
Leeor Levy, Principal, The Policy Lab

The growing use of cyber capabilities against civilian populations as a means and method of warfare is presenting new vulnerabilities and heightened risk profiles for refugees, internally-displaced populations (IDPs), and other civilian and civil society groups. However, humanitarian and human rights practitioners are hindered in their ability to keep pace with such threats and challenges because of a lack of information, skills, and tools needed to mitigate them. With support from this grant, the Human Rights Center (HRC) at UC Berkeley is partnering with The Policy Lab to launch an innovative, applied Cyber Program at the intersection of cyber- and human security as an effort to contribute to improved protection outcomes for civilian populations and other vulnerable groups.