Keywords:  Cybersecurity Education and Training, Privacy, Public Policy,


Privacy Localism Conference Travel Grant Proposal

Thomas Gilbert, Postdoctoral Researcher, Cornell Tech Digital Life Initiative, Cornell University
Sarah Dean, PhD Student, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley
Roel Dobbe, Postdoctoral Researcher, AI Now Institute, New York University
Nitin Kohli, PhD Student, School of Information, UC Berkeley
McKane Andrus, Graduate Student Researcher, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research, UC Berkeley

As the pendulum of interest in privacy policy swings from Washington D.C. to local governments, city officials are taking up the responsibility of inspecting regulatory space for improved privacy protections. For his capstone project, the grantee will conduct an advanced policy analysis focused on improving cybersecurity policy and cyber-hygiene in local government. To inform this research, he will attend a conference, “Privacy Localism: A New Research Agenda,” hosted by the Information Law Institute at New York University. Through a series of panel discussions and a roundtable meeting, participants will discuss the future of local government privacy policy. The project will assist the Committee on Information Technology (COIT), the premiere tech policy body for the City and County of San Francisco.