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I Regret to Inform You that Your Private Information Has Been Compromised

Naniette Coleman, PhD Candidate|Affiliate|Cyber Project Fellow, Department of Sociology, UC Berkeley|Harvard University
Andrew Yang, Senior Actuarial Analyst, Mercer
Tiffany Lo, JD Candidate, School of Law, New York University
Amanda Lee, Wellesley College

This research team will expand the information available and accessible to the public on privacy, data protection and cybersecurity. Specifically, the team will collaborate with the Wiki-Ed Foundation and the UC American Cultures Librarian to establish a “Wikipedia Student Working Group on Privacy Literacy” at UC Berkeley and hold regular Wiki-Edit-A-Thons with a goal of launching a website highlighting the innovative work being done in the privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity space. In addition, the team will work to build an interdisciplinary privacy community at UC Berkeley.