CyberMētis: The Practice of Cybersecurity

A CLTC speaker series connecting students with the practice of cybersecurity.


The CyberMētis Speaker Series connects cybersecurity experts and practitioners with UC Berkeley students to discuss the wide range of practical skills and acquired intelligence required to operate in a constantly changing natural, human, and digital environment.



Cybersecurity is a wicked problem.

  • It requires know-how and creativity to manage.
  • It is a socio-technical endeavor requiring social and management skills as much as technical depth.
  • It offers multiple entry points into the practice for students from a diverse range of both academic disciplines and personal backgrounds.

CLTC’s CyberMētis Speaker Series – named for the mythical Greek “Mêtis” known as the titan of wisdom and cunning – invites graduate and undergraduate students, researchers, and faculty from the UC Berkeley campus to engage with experts and practitioners from varied segments of the cybersecurity field with a singular aim: to better define and craft the necessary knowledge and skills for effective action in the evolving digital security landscape.

Review our dynamic roster of past speakers and videos of past talks below — each providing vivid insight into a “day in the life” of a modern cybersecurity professional.

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“Broadly understood, mētis represents a wide array of practical skills and acquired intelligence in responding to a constantly changing natural and human environment.”

James Scott, Seeing Like a State

Spring 2024 Speaker Series

Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist & VP of Global Threat Intelligence, Fortinet
Tuesday, February 6

Derek Manky leads FortiGuard Labs’ Global Threat Intelligence Team at Fortinet, bringing over 20 years of cyber security experience. He has established frameworks in the security industry including responsible vulnerability disclosure, which has exercised the responsible reporting of over 1000 zero-day vulnerabilities. Manky has been with the Cyber Threat Alliance since it was founded in May 2014. For more than 15 years he has been highly engaged with collaborative industry efforts including the CTA,, NATO NICP, MITRE CTID, INTERPOL Expert Group, and the World Economic Forum Partnership Against Cybercrime (PAC). His vision is applied to help shape the future of proactive cyber security, with the ultimate goal to make a positive impact towards the global war on cybercrime.

Shai Dhaliwal, Cybersecurity Consulting Manager, Accenture
Tuesday, March 19

Drawing on real-world examples and industry insights, Dhaliwal will delve into the key responsibilities and value proposition of cybersecurity consultants. From conducting security gap assessments and developing strategic cybersecurity plans to implementing cutting-edge technologies and providing incident response support, cybersecurity consultants play a critical role in helping organizations build robust cybersecurity defenses and mitigate cyber risks effectively. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity domains, the consulting process, and what impact they can make in the world.

Matt Mitchell, Senior Cybersecurity Program Manager, Ford Foundation
Tuesday, April 16

Join us on Tuesday, April 16 for the final seminar of the Spring 2024 CyberMētis Speaker Series featuring Matt Mitchell, Senior Cybersecurity Program Manager at the Ford Foundation, who will give a presentation on a day in the life of a public interest technology hacktivist.

Fall 2023 Speaker Series




  • Davis Hake, Co-Founder, Resilience, on “The Future CISO and the Evolving Roles of Digital Risk”
  • Hakeem Oseni, Senior Manager of Detection and Response, Salesforce on “Cyber Diplomacy: Mastering the Soft Skills” 
  • Anna Fita, Security Technical Program Manager, IPG on “Navigating Your Cybersecurity Career Through Transitions”
  • Marc Rogers, Co-Founder of CTI-League on “I Fight for the Users: Cybersecurity for the Greater Good” 
  • Chris Jacnczeweski, Head of Global Investigations, TRM Labs
  • Christopher Painter, President, The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise Foundation; U.S. Department of Justice (former) 
  • Jessica Peck, Attorney, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS), U.S. Department of Justice
  • Clifford Stoll, Astronomer, Author of The Cuckoo’s Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage
  • Sean Zadig, Chief Information Security Officer, Yahoo

To see videos from past CyberMētis speakers, please see below.