Job Listing / March 2024

Job Opening: Consortium Membership Director

The Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics is seeking a qualified individual for a full-time, year-round Membership Director position to support the Consortium in assisting universities around the country and the world with cybersecurity workforce development and protecting vulnerable organizations from cyberattacks.

The Membership Director supports the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics in assisting universities around the country and the world with cybersecurity workforce development and protecting vulnerable organizations from cyberattacks. The Consortium will be growing its membership by 10-20 or more universities and colleges over the next several years. This position works in close alignment with the Executive Committee of the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics, currently co-chaired by clinic leadership at the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

This is a fulltime, 2-year contract position with the possibility of extension and/or conversion to career.

Application Review Date

The First Review Date for this job is: March 23, 2024 – Open Until Filled


Provides leadership, structure, and organization for the long-term effectiveness of the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics, with responsibility for administrative and programmatic activities. Leads short- and long- term planning, assesses effectiveness, and recommends changes to content, policies and procedures accordingly.

  • Conducts strategic planning and works with the Consortium’s faculty executive committee to develop and implement strategic priorities for the Consortium.
  • Develops annual program plans, including milestones/deliverables, timelines, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and ecosystem development strategies.
  • Monitors progress toward Consortium-wide goals and objectives, through semi-annual review meetings to review milestones/outputs and plan/problem solve. Establishes and collects key data points from Consortium members and supports related research about the impact of cybersecurity clinics.
  • Prepares critical program outputs including briefing documents, donor reports, requests for proposals (RFPs), peer review protocols and templates, surveys, event concept notes and agendas.
  • Represents the Consortium in recurring partners meetings and regular management meetings to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration, promote efficiency, and maintain clear channels for feedback and communication.
  • Conducts outreach, onboards, and stewards new members of the Consortium. Assesses the Consortium’s organizational effectiveness, and recommends changes to program’s content, policies and procedures to support the success of existing and new members of the Consortium.
  • Creates and implements improved processes to qualify, welcome, onboard and steward new members.
  • Oversees improvements to the Consortium’s backend infrastructure for member communication and information sharing; selects and supervises vendors to deliver results.
  • Ensures that lessons-learned are shared and elevated with Consortium membership, to continue raising the bar for clinic effectiveness.

Facilitates the efforts of Consortium leadership, clinic faculty at various institutions, allied organizations, volunteers, donors and state, local and federal officials to collaboratively strengthen cybersecurity clinics across the US and worldwide.

  • Facilitates collaborative problem-solving to reach solutions that benefit all parties.
  • Expands the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics clearinghouse of clinical resources with new collaborative content; hosts a community of practice around clinical education / technical assistance with peer clinics.
  • Develops symposiums, workshops and other convening events.
  • Engages the clinic alumni community and corporate partners as ambassadors and program volunteers.
  • Supports Consortium-wide programming related to skill development for students.
  • Participates in external initiatives such as the Public Interest Technology University Network.

Participates in workshops and publicity events, and provides public relations oversight and social media support.

  • Directs and manages professional PR / communications consultants, and student media interns to highlight the accomplishments of Consortium members
  • Authors blogs, op-eds and/or social media content that raise visibility for the cybersecurity clinic model and the Consortium and change the way policymakers, researchers, and practitioners think about digital security technical assistance.
  • Liaises with Consortium members to ensure that key research findings are communicated with the public and the field. Prepares collateral and data visuals that communicate impact and success stories.

Identifies and pursues funding opportunities and revenue streams.

  • In coordination with Consortium leadership and development staff, stewards relationships with a range of program sponsors (including corporate partners, foundations, and private donors), carefully tracking priorities and identifying overlapping interests.
  • Identifies and elevates funding opportunities that emerge from Consortium outreach, and helps connect member clinics to prospective funders.
  • Participates in budgeting and accounting processes to support a self supporting financial outlook for the Consortium.
  • Researches and plans for long-term governance and financial sustainability of the Consortium; presents options to the executive committee.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, law, science & technology studies, public policy, information science, business, non-profit management or a related area, or equivalent years of related work experience.  
  • Academic background in cybersecurity, law, science & technology studies, public policy, information science, business, non-profit management or a related area. 
  • Demonstrated success building membership-based organizations, multi-institution collaborations and/or network organizations. 
  • Advanced ability to work with an executive committee and/or advisory board to develop and implement a strategic plan.
  • Ability to oversee strategic communications and public relations, and establish a basic social media presence.
  • Demonstrated success with program building within an academic or other institution. Advanced program management skills, including project management, tracking deliverables, managing budgets, selection and supervision of vendors, and report writing. 
  • Advanced interpersonal skills. Ability to lead collaborations with leaders in the field and to convene internal and external peers and experts to achieve results.
  • Advanced oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated evidence of a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Ability to steward funders and other program supporters.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 8+ years of management experience in membership-based organizations, coalitions or associations.
  • Understanding of the unique digital security needs of under-resourced public interest organizations (such as public agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses).

Salary & Benefits

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University, please visit the University of California’s Compensation & Benefits website.

Under California law, the University of California, Berkeley is required to provide a reasonable estimate of the compensation range for this role and should not offer a salary outside of the range posted in this job announcement. This range takes into account the wide range of factors that are considered in making compensation decisions including but not limited to experience, skills, knowledge, abilities, education, licensure and certifications, analysis of internal equity, and other business and organizational needs. It is not typical for an individual to be offered a salary at or near the top of the range for a position. Salary offers are determined based on final candidate qualifications and experience. 

The budgeted salary or hourly range that the University reasonably expects to pay for this position is $120,000 to $160,000 annually. This is a 100% FTE, 2-year contract position eligible for full benefits.

Other Information

This is a fulltime, 2-year contract position with the possibility of extension and/or conversion to career.