Security Intern

As an intern, you’ll spend your summer deepening your knowledge of security. You’ll work as a member of the team taking on the same projects and responsibilities as your team peers. We will not distinguish between FTE/internship in terms of responsibility and growth opportunities; we want you to be fully integrated as part of the team.

You will work on deploying new tools to support high-priority security initiatives, analyze new security vulnerabilities and inventory data to understand how they impact Twitch, work with engineers across the company to remediate those vulnerabilities, and take part in every discussion and decision on the team.

You Will:

  • Participate in security architecture review and consultation of Twitch services
  • Contribute to program and process design and improvements


Minimum Education Level: Student

  • Capable of thinking through a problem and presenting a reasonable solution
  • Prior experience in cloud infrastructure
  • Likes to work collaboratively and can communicate well in a team environment
Posted: September 19, 2022
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