Security Analyst, Anti Scraping Investigation

Organization: Meta

Location: Multiple Locations

Keywords: Data Scraping

Job Type: Full-Time

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Meta is looking for an investigator to join the EDM Enforcement team to lead, innovate, and take on the full range of scraping threats to the Meta family of apps. The position will be responsible for conducting end-to-end investigations on a large scope of actors seeking unauthorized access to user data, and working with a wide range of stakeholders across the company to drive the evolution of Meta’s data policy, products, and enforcement options to identify, neutralize, and deter scraping on the platform. The role requires the candidate to have technical and OSINT experience, exposure to the adversarial space, and experience working with cross functional partners. The ideal candidate will work diligently on their own, empower their teammates, efficiently share knowledge, and translate technical and OSINT findings into actionable enforcement options. A mix of technical, leadership, business acumen coupled with polished communication and a strong desire to learn are key to success in this position.
Security Analyst, Anti Scraping Investigation Responsibilities:
  • Investigate complex cases using a variety of methodologies (on and off platform) to understand how abuse is occurring and attribute the person(s) responsible. Identify enforcement strategies to mitigate harm both in the current case and from similar forward-looking abuse. Document findings in detailed, concise, and comprehensive reports.
  • Engage cross-functionally with other analytic and investigative teams within the company to develop best practices for conducting investigations, training, and tracking and reporting on investigation trends to the team and supporting legal and technical enforcement actions against bad actors.
  • Manage multiple investigations at once while effectively prioritizing time.
  • Assist in the development of the long-term strategy in investigations to improve tactics, discoverability of threats, and enhance efficiencies.
  • Proactively look for currently undetected abuse by leveraging internal data, open-source intelligence, and third party private intelligence.
  • Drive and lead exploration of the scraping ecosystem, understand the scraping enabled business models, and the most significant risks and harms of scraping to users.


Minimum Qualifications
  • 5+ years of investigative experience conducting technical and non-technical investigations of online threats and abuse.
  • 2+ years experience writing complex SQL queries to drive analysis and insights.
  • 2+ years experience conducting OSINT and attribution investigations.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with, and exposure to, Linux/Unix environment, PHP, Python, Java, or other programming/scripting languages, TCP/IP protocol stack, and a variety of operating systems.
  • Experience applying data analytics to security risk analysis and investigations.
  • Experience drafting investigative reports, documenting evidence and technical findings, for a range of technical and nontechnical audiences. Experience and demonstrated experience working with cross-functional teams.
  • Experience leading and empowering teammates.
Posted: February 22, 2022
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