Research and Production Intern: Cybersecurity Strategy Program

What you will accomplish:

  • Illumio’s cybersecurity strategy program is hiring for a paid intern to research, create, and edit content on matters relating to cybersecurity policy, strategy, and technology. The intern will conduct research for articles, opeds, white papers, and speeches; identify themes, stories, and guests for podcasts; edit copy across all mediums; and provide other analytic, research, and content support as may be required for emerging content. The intern will be a part of a dynamic and growing program in cybersecurity strategy and security research at one of the leading cybersecurity start-ups in Silicon Valley and will have the chance to identify key leaders in the field for a range of opportunities.
  • Research emerging trends in cybersecurity and digital risk to support research program deep-dives into key areas, to include data manipulative scenarios and other concepts identified by staff and the intern.
  • Propose new areas of research for the team; keep abreast of key cybersecurity trends.
  • Propose + research content for op-eds, including drafting and thematic/structural ideas.
  • Support elements of the micro-segmentation book (TBD depending on podcast development and other work).
  • Podcast research: Research key themes and identify potential guests for the notionally entitled “Resilience in the digital age” podcast. The research will identify key themes and areas of discovery and provide an initial cut at content for episodes.
  • Case studies: Contribute research to cases studies or other product-related items as directed.
  • Blog posts: Draft and identify key themes for weekly and monthly blog posts on “key issues in cybersecurity”.


Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's

  • A bachelors’ degree in government, journalism, literature, political science or other relevant fields.
  • 3+ years’ experience in journalism, history, media production, literature, speechwriting, or public relations.
  • Fluent or interested in emerging security trends, public affairs, and cybersecurity issues and able to look for future-focused areas of interest to the team.
  • Adaptive and creative, the intern will have a good sense of humor, a high-quality work ethic, and a passion for creating content that informs, inspires, and delights readers and listeners.
Posted: October 26, 2018
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