Product Policy Manager, Threat Ideation

We are looking for a Product Policy Manager to work closely with our Security Policy team and our Threat Ideation Lead to accomplish our mission. Our team leads our company’s efforts in adversarial design, using what we learn from our investigations and disruptions of malicious actors seeking to exploit our platforms and conducting targeted attacks on communities and individuals. As new products are developed and as the world changes around us, we help partners across the Facebook family of apps and services plan for attacks by sophisticated, persistent adversaries through policy and product design that keeps people safe.

  • Work with Meta’s Security, product, safety, and content policy teams to assess risks related to the development of new products, the emergence of threats in existing products, and design appropriate controls.
  • Work within Meta’s Product Policy team to formulate policies that govern appropriate behavior on and access to our products.
  • Partner with Meta’s safety, security, investigative, customer support, and integrity teams to understand the nature of adversarial threats in products and communicate those risks effectively to product stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with the Security Policy team to investigate how adversarial threats cross between our apps and services.
  • Design ideation and risk planning and assessment methodologies appropriate to the products and development timelines in different segments of our business.
  • Understand the internal teams working on cybersecurity projects and how their work fits into the global strategy.
  • Mobilize quickly to detect and respond to global events.


Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Public Policy, or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years experience in information security, cybersecurity, or hardware security
  • Experience communicating security risks across many disciplines, including legal, policy, engineering, trust and safety, and others
  • Experience assessing risks to targeted or vulnerable populations, and designing appropriate mitigations
  • Experience distilling technical policy concepts and working with technical teams
Posted: January 24, 2022
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