Product Manager, Product Equity – 2023 University Graduate

As a Product Manager, you will help Adobe product teams identify issues in their products that may cause users or communities to be excluded from participating equally. You’ll collaborate with our design research team to recruit users who may experience this exclusion. And you’ll participate in collaborations with our product teams, connecting them with the product team to look at the issue and consider a way forward.

This Product Manager will take the lead to build frameworks while evaluating product team skills and capacities that affect product inclusion and equity. These will lead to crafting well-defined objectives (for example, OKRs) that account for the differences in each product’s focus and audience. This Product Manager will also assist with training whole teams on these frameworks and objectives, and be the point of contact for product equity to a number of teams within Adobe.




Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's

  • Proven track record working toward diversity, equity and inclusion goals on multi-faceted products and projects in a large organization. The ideal candidate is proficient in many forms of human difference, including aging, disability, race, Indigeneity, gender and sexuality, and economic status.
  • Academic grounding in areas such as inclusive design, systems theory, anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, feminist STS, and theories of social change.
  • Familiarity with research and design methods such as ethnography, Participatory Action Research and co-design.
  • Able to work with several teams and roles in parallel, and establish relationships and alliances across teams and initiatives both inside and outside the company.
  • Extraordinary communication skills through writing, multimedia and/or presentation.
  • Bringing the perspectives of your own lived experience to your work every day, coupled with a dedication to allowing other people and their experiences to shine through as well.
Posted: August 28, 2022
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