Manager, Central Privacy Incident Management

The Central Privacy Incident Management (CPIM) team is responsible for processing potential privacy incidents originating anywhere within the Facebook family of apps and services, Facebook corporate, or via external sources reported to Facebook. The Manager, CPIM will lead a team of privacy analysts and interface with the Privacy Engineering Team, Facebook functional Engineering teams, Legal, Policy, and other cross-functional stakeholders.

Manager, Central Privacy Incident Management Responsibilities
  • Lead a team of Privacy Analysts, who are responsible for managing all Facebook privacy incidents
  • Intake incidents from across all Facebook units
  • Perform incident fact gathering and initial assessment of privacy risk
  • Provide that input to Privacy Incident Legal for legal assessment
  • Conduct detailed investigations into privacy incidents that may require user or regulator notification
  • Prepare and maintain investigation reports and supporting documentation
  • Facilitate communication between Engineering and Privacy Incident Legal and assist cross-functional teams in understanding the facts of each potential Privacy Incident
  • Coordinate cross-functional stakeholder communications and required actions relative to incident remediation, voluntary or mandatory regulatory or user notification, and external communications
  • Operate centralized Fact Management and record-keeping processes, systems, and tooling, including the Privacy Incident Manager (PIM) tool
  • Perform quarterly, semi-annual, and annual operational efficiency reviews of privacy incident processes for the team and functional stakeholders in accordance with the Incident Management Framework
  • Prepare leadership incident reporting
  • Track and report on incident metrics
  • Identify and implement key performance indicators, service level objectives, and process and operational efficiency improvements
  • Influence and align the organization’s vision and strategy, while engaging the team to develop and deliver specific, multi-year roadmaps, programs, and projects. Ensure prioritization, resourcing, and timely delivery of this work within a changing business environment
  • Hire, grow, and build a high performing team capable of achieving the team’s mission
  • Build, cultivate, and maintain positive relationships with internal customers


Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's or Equivalent

Minimum Qualifications
  • 3+ years management experience
  • 2+ years privacy and/or regulatory compliance (finance, health) experience
  • Communication skills
  • Proven experience with relationship building and collaboration to bring together multiple perspectives within cross-functional teams
Preferred Qualifications
  • BA/BS or equivalent
  • Background in privacy, security or compliance incident management
  • Experience building and operating a centralized incident management investigation and process
  • Experience building a team in a fast-moving environment
  • Experience working in a technical environment influencing stakeholder and engineering teams
  • Cross-group collaboration experience across various teams such as product, business and legal
  • Experience working directly with executives to support business decision making
  • Highly organized, productive, poised and experience thriving in high-pressure, time-sensitive scenarios
Posted: March 4, 2021
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