Machine Learning Engineer – Security Engineering

Job Description

This position will be part of the Visa Security Engineering team, where as a software engineer first, you will be building and delivering cybersecurity products and capabilities enhanced through applied machine learning.

  • Build, design, engineer, and develop software and services that deliver security functionality and improve security efficiency and capabilities through automation.  The candidate needs to possess software engineering skills that allow them to build new capabilities and solutions vs. simply integrating an existing open source platform or operating a vendor solution.
  • Utilize information retrieval, data analytics, and statistical modeling techniques to build new machine learning models and apply it to cybersecurity usecases. This will include the entire lifecycle including collection of data, feature engineering, model development, training, testing, and deployment into production.
  • Rewriting of any existing code using more robust type-safe and memory safe languages while incorporating faster data piping and parallel processing frameworks.
  • Engineering of products and services while accounting for computability and complexity (e.g. NP-complete problems) and security architecture (e.g. memory, cache, deadlocks, etc.)
  • ​​Develop prototypes and algorithms (e.g. searching, sorting, optimization, dynamic programming) while performing data engineering tasks around aggregation and data synthetization from a multitude of structured and unstructured data sources..
  • Assist in shaping overall direction, life-cycle management, and leadership for Information Security architecture and technology related to Visa.
  • Create requirement and design documents that account for security risks in new or existing systems with architectures to mitigate them within risk appetite.
  • Research and develop security assessments of existing solutions as well as defining security architectures for new solutions.
  • Present results to a cross section of employees, including senior leaders at Visa. Utilize graduate-level research and analysis skills.


Minimum Education Level: Master's Degree

The candidate must posses strong software engineering skills as the key primary. Applied Machine learning is a close second. Knowledge of security related concepts is a plus but not required. This is not a research but an engineering function. Ideal candidate has a graduate degree plus couple years of work experience.

  1. Software Development, Programming , and debugging using various programming languages and frameworks (object oriented programming, Golang, Python, Java, and C++, JavaScript);
  2. Applying Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, data science, and statistics concepts including API integration, python, authentication, analysis, modeling, and visualization (python, sci-kit, numpy, matlab, algorithms);​
  3. Knowledge of NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB, Cassandra) is a plus
  4. Network, System, and Solution Architecture background is a plus
  5. Familiarity with Git and Unix/Linux commands
  6. Server-client modeling, including MVC architecture knowledge
  7. Posses knowledge around utilizing Big data and distributed computing systems including cloud based computing systems;
  8. Database systems, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and their application during software engineering or security related services.
Posted: January 7, 2019
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