Information Assurance Technician

The Information Assurance Technicians (IATs) are the first line of defense on alerting and monitoring the health of our networks. As an IAT you will take the first shot at solving problems that arise and then escalate as necessary. Your work will ensure our networks maintain a solid security posture and align with DoD requirements. Our ideal candidate has a passion for Information Security, and is detail-oriented while also being able to think and react quickly.

• Observe the monitoring dashboard and rapidly respond to alerts that occur.

• Create new monitoring checks as necessary and adjust them to a correct threshold.

• Find and develop patterns that are indicative of failures and work towards eliminating that possibility.

• Perform patching on Windows, Linux, and 3rd party applications.

• Operate inside a JIRA queue.

• Work out of and improve runbooks that are used for operational


Minimum Education Level: None

• Experience and interest in working in a highly-collaborative setting – sharing best practices, lessons learned, and assisting where gaps exist.

• Experience operating from a ticket queue.

Posted: January 13, 2022
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