Cloud Cybersecurity Engineer

The Rivian Cloud Cybersecurity Engineer will be responsible for: providing assessment and remediation support of security risks identified in cloud environments; leveraging the AWS Well-Architected framework to perform security assessments of existing AWS Accounts and document the security architecture, resources, and other key components; supporting application teams remediate identified security issues.

Responsible for identifying, communicating and managing cloud security risks with account owners and technical leads, including: 

  • Working with AWS account owners to review the security posture of their AWS environments
  • Provide security requirements and guidance on alignment to secure architectures in AWS
  • Review and document security architecture of hosted applications and services within AWS accounts
  • Validate technical security configurations provided by application and account owners
  • Identify and document security gaps within AWS accounts aligned to the AWS Well Architected Framework
  • Document security misconfigurations in common AWS services including API Gateway, Lambda, ECS, EKS, EC2, RDS, S3, CloudWatch and other core cloud services
  • Ensure external applications and systems are using strong authentication when connecting to AWS hosted systems
  • Strong understanding of AWS Identity and Access Management concepts and configurations
  • Review Kubernetes and other container platforms for security misconfigurations
  • Creating detailed AWS security architecture diagrams, documentation and standards
  • Identify security gaps within CI/CD and application deployment methodologies

Responsible for completing security architecture reviews of multiple AWS accounts and hosted applications including:

  • Collaboration with account owners to review existing AWS accounts security posture
  • Identify and document security misconfigurations in the AWS resources and architectures
  • Provide remediation guidance to AWS account owners for identified security gaps


Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's

  • 2+ years related cybersecurity (focusing on AWS Security) experience; preferably in a large, global organization
  • Experience with applications leveraging serverless or container infrastructure highly desired
  • ¬†Experience working with Terraform and/or CloudFormation
  • AWS Certifications (Solutions Architect, Security, Networking)
  • Strong communication, negotiation, analytic, and critical thinking skills. Ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to managing multiple security assessments in parallel with aggressive timelines
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Docker or other containerization platforms
  • Self-Starter and Driven to Win
  • Problem Solving / Critical thinking skills
  • Successfully performed AWS or other cloud security assessments
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Team oriented and skilled in working in a collaborative environment
  • Loves what you do


Posted: March 7, 2022
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