Assistant Director

The mission of the Center for Human Compatible AI is to re-orient the field of artificial intelligence toward systems that are provably beneficial to humans. This position is for an individual with a long-term career ambition to sustain and advance the Center’s activities and influence for this purpose. Our hope is that the assistant director, after sufficient onboarding to understand the plans and perspectives of the Center’s leadership, will be able to exercise a high degree of autonomy and decision-making in service of the Center’s goals.

(Hiring for this position will not be taken lightly; we are seeking candidates with a demonstrated track-record of managerial competence, as well as a level of interest and fluency in the Center’s research. We may choose not to fill the position if a suitable candidate is not found.)

The job will involve managing the full general operations of our Center. Administrative services will include activities in finance and human resources and may also include IT, facilities, or student services, planning and execution of event logistics, and engaging in some (but not all) communications on behalf of the Center. General management includes long and short range strategic planning in service of the Center’s mission and directing activities through staff counterparts in the Center and UCB.


  • 50% Plans and manages logistics and communications for ongoing events and activities selected and designed to increase the Center’s opportunities for research collaboration and impact toward its mission, such as regular seminars and meetings within the university, as well as workshops and conference events. Administrative operations include budgetary financial management, IT, event advertising content, facilities, student services, assisting with drafting contracts and grants, coordinating. Participates in a variety of human resources activities including working with the HR team to initiate approvals for new hires and visitors training, classification and ensuring the completion of forms and documents related to HR and Payroll for unit/department.
  • 20% Plans and investigates opportunities independently for the Center’s development toward its mission, including opportunities for research collaboration, public outreach, and generally expanding the Center’s operations. Involves performing studies for resource plans, including approaches, trends, sources and uses, to produce opportunities for recommendation to the Center’s PIs.
  • 10% Assists in the design and drafting of organizational website content; drafts newsletters and correspondence to organizational constituents.
  • 10% Manages staff and contractors to assist in the research impact of the Center’s junior researchers toward its mission, including postdocs and selected students.
  • 5% Gathers, analyzes, prepares and summarizes financial and HR reports.
  • 5% Serves on committees, representing the Center.


Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's

Required Qualifications

  • Basic understanding of the Center’s research and research strategy;
  • Proven track record of planning and organizing events with an intellectual purpose.
  • Thorough knowledge of financial analysis and reporting techniques, human resources policies and procedures for staff and academic employees.
  • Knowledge of a variety of administrative operations activities such as events planning, basic fundraising processes, risk management planning, website design, accounting and payroll, and contracts and grants regulations and guidelines.
  • Interpersonal communication skills to include verbal and written, active listening, critical thinking, persuasiveness, advising and counseling skills.
  • Strong skills in short term planning, analysis and problem-solving and customer service.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelors degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training.
  • Thorough knowledge of University rules and regulations, processes, protocols and procedures for budget, account and fund management, personnel management.
  • Knowledge of common University-specific computer application programs.
Posted: July 29, 2019
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