October 16, 2017

Olympics Report Media Coverage: CNN, Politico, Agence France, and More

The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity’s report on the Olympic games, “The Cybersecurity of Olympic Sports: New Opportunities, New Risks,” has generated plenty of buzz since its public release on October 10.

CNN’s Selena Larson wrote an article, “How Future Olympic Games Might be Hacked,” that included quotes from Executive Director Betsy Cooper, the lead author of the report. “You have to be really creative in thinking about the types of implications that someone [may] impose on a major sporting event,” Cooper said. “In events like sports, like elections, like all sorts of systems in our world, we need to start thinking about cybersecurity as something everyone has a role to play in, not just the IT manager.”

The CNN article was widely shared on Facebook and LinkedIn—and was tweeted by CNNMoney, leading to more than 1.78 million impressions. The piece was also picked up by Detroit Local 4 News and other outlets.

Meanwhile, Dawn Kawamoto, Associate Editor for Dark Reading, attended last week’s panel discussion and covered the report in a piece entitled “Olympic Games Face Greater Cybersecurity Risks.” SecureWorld wrote an an article highlighting some of the examples from the report—including the risks of hackers causing panic in a stadium or manipulating a digital scoring system. InsideCybersecurity included the report in its daily brief, as did Politico’s Tim Starks, who linked to the report from his October 12 “Morning Cybersecurity” briefing.

Agence France Press, a major news agency with global distribution, also ran an article about the report, and as a result the CLTC publication was covered in outlets around the world, including Kenya’s Daily Nation, Jamaica Observer, El Tiempo, and RTL Futur, a French-language publication.

Stay tuned for more CLTC media updates in the weeks to follow!