May 16, 2017

CLTC Job Opportunity: Research and Program Assistant


The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity is currently looking to grow our research and fundraising capacity and is searching for an individual to provide support on both fronts. The Specialist (or “Research and Program Assistant”) will play a critical role in the Center’s continued growth by assisting on various research projects, as well as managing the Center’s Corporate Membership Program. The role is well suited for candidates who are interested in research, but also have experience with development and external relations.

This is a full-time, one-year position with option of a second year extension based on strong performance. The anticipated start date is June 2017.

In their Research Assistant capacity (which comprises 70% of the job), the individual will assist CLTC’s Faculty Director and Executive Director with compiling literature reviews; conducting data collection and analysis; and writing research briefs and drafts of final reports on a wide variety of cybersecurity issues, which may include 1) the security implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning; 2) improving the cyber talent pipeline; 3) new governance regimes in cybersecurity; 4) protecting vulnerable people online; and 5) the cybersecurity of sports.

As a Program Assistant, the individual will be responsible for overseeing the administrative aspects of the Center’s Corporate Membership Program, which is the Center’s platform for engaging with companies, whether through research, events, or additional programming and collaboration. The individual will be expected to serve as a primary liaison between the Center and its current corporate members; occasionally represent the Center in one-on-one meetings with potential corporate donors; communicate the Center’s research and programming to a wide variety of audiences; and coordinate with CLTC’s events and programming staff to create events that allow corporate members to engage with the Center’s research agenda.

Please send any questions for this position to—and click here to apply.

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