May 8, 2017

New Publication by CLTC Authors on Government Data Breaches

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CLTC Faculty Director Steven Weber, together with Jesse Goldhammer, Associate Dean at the UC Berkeley School of Information, and Nils Gilman, Associate Chancellor at UC Berkeley, have published an article in Limn, an online scholarly journal/magazine, focused on the 2014-2015 hacks on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

In their essay, “Can You Secure An Iron Cage?” the authors consider what this data breach revealed about bureaucracy itself. “The OPM breach turns out to be a powerful illustration of how a Weberian bureaucracy struggles and fails to meet one of the most profound challenges facing organizations that operate internet-connected digital networks in the 21st century: the hack,” they write. “How OPM lost this battle foreshadows a deeply troubled future for bureaucracies in the increasingly digital decades to come.”

Read the essay here.