February 3, 2017

Media Roundup: CLTC in the News


The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity has received media coverage in a wide variety of outlets in recent weeks, including National Public Radio, American Interest, and UC Berkeley News. Here are some of our recent media highlights, along with links to the original stories.


Steve Weber in Article on Giuliani’s Hire

Steve Weber, CLTC’s Faculty Director, was quoted in an article that ran in Bakersfield Now and other websites focused on President-Elect Trump’s decision to bring on Rudy Giuliani as a senior advisor on cybersecurity. In the story by Leandra Bernstein, “Trump-Giuliani Initiative to Address Cyber Threats Unites Both Parties,” Weber noted that Giuliani “is a powerful guy with a loud and decisive voice… He is someone Trump has listened to, he is someone who the president trusts.” Weber also pointed out that “if you want to bury an issue, you don’t give it to Rudy Giuliani.” Read the story here. You can also read CLTC’s report on recommendations for the Trump Administration here.


Weber Published in American Interest

Related to the topic of global security more broadly, Weber and UC Berkeley Associate Chancellor Nils Gilman wrote an essay in The American Interest that questions whether the European Union is headed for a collapse similar to that of the Soviet Union. “The historical parallels between the European Union of 2016 and the USSR circa 1989 are deep enough to take seriously,” they write. “And in an ironic twist of intellectual history, American scholarship on the European Union is in the grip of a mirror image of the prejudicial tendencies of theory that afflicted Sovietologists in the 1980s.” Read the article here.


Betsy Cooper Featured on NPR

Executive Director Betsy Cooper was recently interviewed for a National Public Radio report by Brian Naylor entitled “Experts Hope Trump Makes Cybersecurity an Early Priority”. Cooper discussed the idea of a “cyber workforce incubator” where tech industry experts and government officials can exchange ideas, and she suggested a public awareness campaign—similar to initiatives used to get people to buckle their seat belts or recycle—to promote better cybersecurity practices. “We absolutely believe,” Cooper said, “that this is an opportunity for progress, that a new administration without ties to past government structures creates the opportunity for resetting the playing field.” See (and hear) the story here.


CLTC Grantee Co-Publishes Article in Washington Post

Dr. Ben Jensen, an associate professor at Marine Corps University and a scholar-in-residence at American University whose research was partly funded by the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, co-published an article in Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage” column entitled, “Five Things We Can Learn from the Russian Hacking Scandal.” Jensen and his colleagues write that, following the hacks, “political warfare’ in cyberspace has come of age. Great powers have begun to attack their enemies’ credibility through cyber operations and propaganda spread in comment fields, social media and cable news broadcasts.” They also note that “Russia acts in cyberspace—and will continue to do so—because it has few options” and that the hacks represent “the future of international competition.” Read the full story here.


Cooper Videos: Proposal for the Trump Administration

Betsy Cooper was featured in a video by UC Berkeley News in which she summarizes the recommendations for the incoming presidential administration outlined in a recent CLTC report. The report focuses on how the new administration can tackle the cybersecurity challenge, including by creating a “cyber incubator” that enables top security professionals from the private sector to work on government challenges for one- or two-year stints.  View the video here Cooper also posted a related video on Berkeley Blogs, which you can view here.


Jonathan Reiber on South African Radio Show

CLTC Senior Fellow Jonathan Reiber was a guest on South Africa’s POWER FM, a radio talk show, along with journalist and TED Talks presenter Toby Shapshak. Their conversation, hosted by Iman Rappetti, spanned a range of topics, including cyberdefense, the role of the Internet in politics, and social media. Reiber spoke about the Russian hack, Trump’s tweets, and the shape of our political and cyber world. Click here to listen on Soundcloud.


CLTC Policy Idea Gets Shout-Out in California

An article by Sarah Elizabeth Adler in California, the alumni magazine of UC Berkeley, focuses on Geoffrey King, a visiting lecturer at the UC Berkeley media studies department and a First Amendment lawyer. “Encryption for All: Why This American Tradition Must Be Upheld” refers to the recent report of policy recommendations published by CLTC, specifically the call for a public awareness campaign to promote better digital security practices. “King isn’t the only one on campus calling for the widespread adoption of cybersecurity precautions,” Adler writes. “In a recent report containing policy recommendations for the Trump administration, UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity likened cybersecurity to a seatbelt: ‘We need our education system to treat cybersecurity as a fundamental part of computer literacy.’” Read the article here.

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