May 31, 2016

CLTC’s Steven Weber Interviewed on “The Cybersecurity Podcast”

The latest episode of “The Cybersecurity Podcast,” produced by Christian Science Monitor’s Passcode, features an interview with CLTC faculty director Steven Weber.

Passcode was CLTC’s lead media partner for the recent release of our Cyberfutures 2020 scenarios. In the podcast, led by Passcode’s Sara Sorcher and New America’s Peter Singer, Weber provides an overview of the process that led to the scenarios’ development, explains why scenarios are better than predictions, and reveals which of the five scenarios scares him most.

“The idea here was to try to create some synthetic views of how the world of cybersecurity…could look really different just a few years,” Weber explains. “Everybody in this world knows that things are moving really, really fast, and many of us feel we’re so busy catching up to the present that we never get to step back and ask ourselves, what could really be different 4-5 years out.”

Also in the podcast, Sorcher explains the “bug bounty” process, in which companies have to determine how much a security flaw is worth in cash, and Singer discusses issues related to cybersecurity and the maritime industry.

We encourage you to listen to the entire podcast, but if you’re eager to jump right to the interview with Steve Weber, it starts at 12:58. See the Passcode article here, or listen through the player below.