October 7, 2015

UK Program Recruits Cybersecurity Talent Through Online Games


Writing in Motherboard, a section of Vice.com, Victoria Turk reported on The Cyber Security Challenge UK, through which government and corporate organizations have created an online gaming platform designed to identify players with skills necessary for careers in cybersecurity.  The platform functions as a “gamified job application” that can help “identify and recruit promising infosec talent,” Turk reports.

The concept arose from the insight that “a lot of people who are very good at cybersecurity are also gamers,” explained Cyber Security Challenge CEO Stephanie Daman, who noted that the games are designed to help find individuals who possess “that urge to find out how something works, to pursue a trail, to get to the end, to see what’s there.”

The game platform, called Cyphinx, is described as a “‘virtual skyscraper’ that acts as a gateway to different floors—and different codebreaking puzzles and games—each designed to test security-related skills at various difficulty levels.”

Among the games are a “Minecraft world containing hidden codes, a YouTube-based forensics task, and a more conventional network analysis game,” the article explains. Sponsors even have the ability to post job listings in this digital space.

“The end goal is to take players from gaming to actually pursuing a career in security,” Turk writes. “The game environment encourages this by awarding points and badges for completed tasks to put together leader boards in different skills, which can be used to help connect players to work or qualifications they might be suited to.”

For more information on how to log in and enter the Cyphinx, click here.

Image Source: Cyber Security Challenge UK

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